Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our trip to Georgia and everyting along the way!!!

October 1st 2011 we were able to make a cross country trip to Georgia with my mamma! Everyone thought we were absolutely crazy...1 being, just the fact that we were driving cross country! 2 being, doing it with 3 kids and one on the way! 3 being, driving it in our Jetta! I have got to say that it turned out great! The girls were angels and Jake had a few moments but that was expected with a 1 year old. My mom was so awesome to go tackle this adventure with us, we could not have made it alone!! The hardest part about this trip was the anticipation of getting to the next stop on the map! We saw lots of friends and family, some I had never met before and some it had been 20 years! We had so much fun and would do it again in a heartbeat!! Here some pictures of our adventure...
We had to find things to do in the car....dressing up Jaker was part of it ;)

Makayla saw this outside of our hotel and had to stop and say Hello.....
....and she had to kiss it goodbye ;)
Oh he was a happy boy!!
On the road again!!

 Paris, Texas!! The kids thought this was the coolest place ever!! 
Nothing better than a redneck Eiffel Tower!!

I thought this was a joke, nope, it's a real sign....only in the south!!
 Texas waffles....WHAT!! Ava ate 2 ;)

Me and my sister Chelsea! I haven't seen her in 10 years, way too long!! It was the first time that my kids have met her and they hit it off great!! Love you Chelsea!!

Ethan, Jake, Ava & Makayla! It was so hot that day and I packed my kids nothing but long sleeves, I underestimated the south, I am used to the Utah weather :)

  I met my dad's cousin and her mamma for the first time! They were so sweet and welcoming!! They help run their town Museum pictured above!
I love southern roads!!
We made it to My Aunt Trisha's house and the kids had a blast exploring their land!!

My beautiful girls!!

Checkin out the donkeys!

Me and my cousin Tiffany!
My cousins Tiffany and Brittany!
We get home from our girls night and we find Makayla and Slade made a palate!!
Me and Tiff posing with the fish Bob caught that day!!
So this was an interesting day, we left Louisiana and we were about 2 hours from Georgia. We were getting low on diesel so we stopped at the nearest gas station, BP. It was my mom's turn to pump so she get's out and puts the green nosle